Property negotiation
for clients selling or buying privately

You may have found your dream property or are wanting to sell your existing property to a private Purchaser; Nick Turner can handle the negotiations to either purchase or sell, liaising at all times with your legal team and seeing it right through to exchange and completion. All this without you being personally involved with either the vendors, purchasers or their agent’s. All discussions and negotiations on your behalf are dispassionate and professional.

South West Property Negotaition Services

What's Involved?

It is not unusual for a client to approach us to handle either a private sale or purchase where they will want our negotiating expertise to achieve the best possible outcome. This, for example may include clients who demand total confidentially and discretion, or clients who are simply a little unsure on the best way to sell or purchase a property. In such an instance Nick Turner would view the property and carry out due diligence in order to establish it’s value and position in the current market. We would then discuss the possible routes for the negotiation and the likely outcomes with our clients and once we agreed we would, as always, handle all negotiations on your behalf. Liaising at all times with your legal team and seeing it right through to exchange and completion.

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Start selling before you start buying

Additional Pre-Sale Property Sales Services

Pre-Sale Consultancy

Selling what is to most of us our most valuable principle asset is often an emotional time. Nick is able to advise on the most suitable agent or in some circumstances agents. Nick is always be available to guide you through the process from exchange right through to completion. The advice we can offer covers many common queries, such as; What order should I do things? Find a property then put on mine on the market? Or vice versa? Or Should I go into rented accommodation? Often the pre sale consultancy goes hand in hand with your property search requirements thus helping you on both sides of the process which can be for some people a tense and unsettling time.

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